Set & Costume Design

The Vaults Festival - Directed by Charlie Ely

Photography - Talissa Makdessi 

"The small space allows for minimal movement of the actors, but Emily Bestow’s use of an antique clock with years in place instead of hours clearly signposts which year the action is taking place in, as the narrative frequently goes back in time to reveal secret conversations and events that effect Princess Sophia’s life. Bearing in mind the size of the Cage room at The Vaults, Bestow cleverly and economically embodies the glamour of Princess Sophia’s surroundings both in England and India.


Her use of costume design ties in well to this. Princess Sophia is dressed in pearls and a fur when preparing for her coming out. Surrounded by her fellow suffragettes, she stands out like a sore thumb, but at the same time it draws attention to how their desire for votes for women transcended these class divisions."

B.L.Sherrington Exeunt Magazine